About Us

Based in Auckland and established in March 2021, Getthosemons is an online-only Hobby Store focused on being the best source for Digimon, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece and Pokemon TCG singles.

We understand not all players and collectors like to spend hundreds and upon hundreds of dollars on sealed product that's unlikely to have the cards they're after anyway. Getthosemons prioritises offering the cards you want at the price you want. A lot of work goes behind the scenes to ensure our prices don’t stay stale and always move with the global market.

Our goal since our first day of operations hasn’t changed. We want to provide players low-cost cards to build decks and we want to give collectors a trusted place to buy the cards they need to complete their binders!

We recommend checking out our FAQ and Shipping & Returns pages for more info!


Please email us at info@getthosemons.co.nz and we'll get back in touch as soon as we can if you have any questions at all!